Thai Restaurants and the Food They Serve in Vancouver BC

Thai cuisine is among the most varied and most frequently misunderstood foods in the world. It is a common misconception to believe that Thai food is filled with chili and curry to dull the senses. The recipes you will find in most Thai restaurants use all the 4 basic tastes: salty, sweet, hot and sour, but there are some dishes without all of these if you do not like sweet and sour or hot at all. Thai cooking is a balancing act that is almost certainly a product of their diverse and rich cultural heritage.

Surrounded by a number of countries, Thailand developed various cooking styles that vary with different parts of the country. However, the recipes are persistent in the whole of Thailand. You will realize that most Thai restaurants use the same recipes. The recipe you find in a Thai restaurant in Vancouver, BC is likely the same recipe you will get in other Thai restaurants elsewhere. Thai food is about balancing and lightly made dishes, using different spices to attain harmony between the ingredients.

When you visit a Thai restaurant in Vancouver, BC, you are likely to find a fish sauce that is commonly used. It is salty and uses fish that is prepared through fermentation. This sauce gives a strong aroma to the foods it is used in.

A traditional Thai family meal consists of rice and many different sauces in which the rice is dipped. The servings are more than the individual guests need, in order to allow everyone to share the food with each other. This practice is used in some Thai restaurants, which makes it great to visit such restaurants in a small group of friends or colleagues. There is also no such thing as a main course or appetizer, as everything is served at the same time and everybody takes what they like.

Thai people are fond of hot food and they prepare their dishes such that they have at least one hot sauce or dish during the meal. Thai people are used to chilis, so if you are considering ordering something extra hot, you might want to reconsider. If the menu indicates hot or very hot, it probably means extraordinarily hot for an average Canadian. It is wise to go for slightly hot. If you are not sure about how hot the food is, you can ask your server to recommend something that is more to your taste. When contacting a restaurant that offers Thai food delivery in Vancouver, ensure to tell them that you want something that is just slightly hot.

If you are looking for a Thai restaurant in Vancouver, BC, ask for recommendations from your friends or search online. If any of your friends likes Thai food, then they should be able to recommend a good restaurant. If you would like Thai food delivery in Vancouver from time to time, ensure that the restaurant you choose offers that. With some research, you are sure to find a Thai restaurant that offers great Thai food for you and your family.