Try sports hospitality to reward your team

Team building outings may not appear at the top of your to-do list but they play an integral role in maintaining positivity, creating loyalty and demonstrating that the company is investing in individuals and teams.

When a team works well it is a powerful force, almost untouchable to your business rivals, but when team members feel undervalued or like they’re stagnating their loyalty wavers and they can be tempted to a competitor more easily. Investing in the people who work for you is key to prosperity.

Team building outings are fun, informal, inclusive and create memories which will endure; the experiences are worth every penny in the benefits they’ll return to your firm.

Rewards are imperative

If a sales team reaches their stretch target for 2017 in September and receive no recognition, why should they try to achieve goals, go the proverbial extra mile and stay with a firm which clearly undervalues them?

Was their motivation wasted in 2017? They may not put in the effort again if they feel unappreciated. Negativity, a lack of attention to detail, fractured teams and excuses rather than working late on projects can take hold and decimate your star team.

Did you know…

  • An increased salary from a new job is desirable but team players tend to stay in jobs a lot longer where loyalty and focus are strong, even if that means lower wages.
  • Callers can tell when the person they’re speaking to is smiling. Make sure that your team are as positive as they can be. Celebrate the strengths and the positivity and productivity gain momentum.
  • Praise and inspiring your employees are valuable tools for success.
  • Listening to employees, asking them about their lives and being interested in them can, and should, be achieved in the workplace but away from the office you may learn so much more. You’ll see your team “off duty” and in informal situations.
  • Very few people dislike a day away from the office to participate in sports hospitalityor team building outings.

Wise investment

Compare the costs of corporate sports hospitality through a leading specialist like DTB Sports and Events with the costs of recruitment, training and potential lost business or compromised customer service until the new starters are proficient. Team building outings are also a lot less stressful than watching talented people walk out your door and in to a rival’s premises.

Choose from pre-structured team building outings or ask a professional to create a bespoke package.

Suggestions for corporate sports hospitality and outings

A Super Model driving day experience inspires competitive natures and increases confidence. Driving a Porsche 911 Carrera or Ferrari 355 is an adrenaline rush.

Ladies Days include:

  • Afternoon tea.
  • Art exhibitions.
  • A boat trip.
  • Chocolate making.
  • Cocktail making.
  • Cookery courses.
  • Ladies Day at the races.
  • Makeover and photography session.
  • Overnight stay at Stoke Park.
  • Spa pampering.
  • Wine tasting.

Other options include poker nights and sailing days.

There are many ways to reward your team members, please contact a specialist team building and sports hospitality events firm.