Which is the right material to use for signages

So, now you have decided that you are going to use signage boards for boosting your presence on the high street or at a trade show or exhibition, the next step is to get it designed from a skillful signage maker in Singapore. If you know what you want it to look like then the next big question is what material should you use? Many business owners get stuck on this point as they become confused by  so many choices available. There are so many jargons and brand names, that people tend to get confused it with generic terms.

So while deciding the material for your signages, the key role would be played by the mode of its application. That is whether you need it for indoor exhibition stand or outdoor display; you want to use it as permanent signage or temporary promotion. Ask these questions to yourself-


Are you going to use this signage as a graphic to an existing fixture like a wall, a window, a vehicle etc

Are you looking for a new, rigid sign fixtures for a wall or to free-stand?

If you’re  positioning a graphic on an existing fixture then you might need self-adhesive vinyl signage but If you need a rigid sign for free-stand, here is what all you need to know-

If you want to use Self-adhesive vinyl signages

Basically Self adhesive vinyl is a kind of flexible polyvinyl chloride substrate with a self adhesive backside. This is a waterproof substance hence can be used in any kind of environmental conditions.

Vinyl signages can be created on three ways- Printed self adhesive, printed clear self-adhesive, Cut self-adhesive vinyl. The printable vinyl has a white  background are easily runnable in wide format printers to print any image you like to it. In fact,  full photographic quality images can also be printed at high resolution.

Here the possibilities really are limitless- it  can also be over-laminated with matt or gloss finish for extra durability and shine.

If you are looking for different kind of printing material then you can go for contour-cut vinyl design.

This includes internal cuts as well which means cutting out shapes inside the edges of the design.

If you are running short of funds you can use printed vinyl to cover the existing image on rigin signboard with the new one. Choose a skillful decal maker in Singapore if this is the case as they can create special vinyl sign boards for such instances.

But if you are printing on a clear self-adhesive vinyl, then these can be used on windows as well. You can use it either ways- with clear background or can be printed onto clear in reverse and then back it with white vinyl so as to make it look like a printed sign.