Are You Hungry for Pizza? Which Pizza Restaurant Should You Visit in Victoria, BC?

Lasciateli mangiare la pizza! That’s Italian for “let them eat the pizza!” Though it originated in Italy, pizza is beyond doubt one of the most enjoyable foods in many other parts of the world. In fact, according to researchers, over four hundred slices of pizza are consumed every second in the United States alone. Pizza can be tasty and full of flavour, and with the right toppings, it can also be nutritious and satisfying. On the surface, it seems very simple to make a pizza. All it needs is some dough, cheese, tomatoes, a few spices and an oven. However, pizza making is an art, and not a science. So, not all pizza restaurants in Victoria, BC offer the best pizza, or what you are looking for. In fact, most pizzerias closely guard their pizza recipes and techniques from the general public, because this is the only way they can survive! For that reason, only a few select pizza restaurants will offer authentically made Italian pizzas, while the rest will usually sell an average quality mass-produced pizza.

The Word Around Town

If you’re looking for the most delicious and nutritious pizza in Victoria, BC, you’ll likely type the keyword “best pizzerias in Victoria, BC” into your web browser That’s a good idea. In fact, your browser might return a list that contains more than 30 pages of pizza restaurants in your region. However, the pizzeria that occupies the top slot may not necessarily be the best. It’s a bit ironic that the restaurant that occupies the last spot in the listings may actually be the best pizza outlet in your region. So, apart from the Internet, you’ll also need to rely on other sources. Word ofmouth is still the most trusted form of recommendation, and so the next step is to ask for recommendations from your family, colleagues, and friends. They may be in a great position to know which pizzeria offers the best pizza in Victoria, BC.

Social Media

You can also get many recommendations from social media websites such as Facebook. There are also plenty of review sites, such as Chowhound, Yelp, and Urban Spoon, where pizza enthusiasts are encouraged to leave reviews of the popular pizza restaurants in Victoria, BC that they have recently visited. Going through the testimonials will help you understand the quality the food that’s being served along with the quality of service. Some customers will indicate preferences for certain types of pizza, along with menu choices and prices. On the other hand, testimonials allow you to compare other features like location and ambiance.

The Bottom Line

Basically, many pizzerias are big business ventures that cater to the mass needs of the people, and their focus is on low price and quick service. The passion and history associated with pizza are missing in these restaurants. Therefore, while looking for the best pizza restaurants in Victoria, BC, one must be able to distinguish an authentic pizza maker from a typical pizzeria. A quality pizza in Victoria, BC, which isn’t usually the first one you’ll find, will have original Italian ingredients, real spices, true Italian cheese, and an exotic variety of toppings.