Bizarre pizza toppings from around the world

It is the versatility of pizza that has led to its huge popularity and universal appeal. You can make a pizza as simple or as complicated as you want. Many of us opt for the traditional combination of tomato paste and mozzarella and then throw on some ham, mushrooms or peppers to vary the flavour, but not everyone is so reserved.

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There are some startling pizza variations from around the world that may make you think again about this traditional Italian dish. Many of them don’t need pizza ovens, and some are even served in jars!

When is a pizza not a pizza?

According to the BBC, some Italian senators are so concerned about the quality of pizza that they are calling for a pizza-making exam to guarantee quality standards. At the same time, extreme variations of the dish are being created elsewhere in the world.

You can buy pizza fries, which are basically fries with melted cheese and pepperoni on the top. Pepperoni pizza puffs are made in muffin cases, whilst pizza cones have all the ingredients of a pizza in a savoury ice cream cone. You can even get a pizza wheel, which is just a baby pizza on a lollipop stick.

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Sweet topping on a savoury dish

If you prefer your pizza cooked in a conventional pizza oven such as, you can still let your imagination go wild.

Sweet pizza toppings are not new. Hawaiian pizza with sweet pineapple has been around for years, and now you can get chocolate pizza. It is made with a base of Belgian chocolate and topped with milk-chocolate-covered honeycomb balls and white marshmallows. If this is too much like a dessert, you can stick with the traditional base and top it with Nutella or even blackberry with fennel. Banana and curry sauce is a particularly unique combination from Sweden.

Pizza has been combined with almost every other type of food to give some interesting variations. Add some taco seasoning mix, ground beef and jalapenos to create a taco pizza. Try combining cheesy sauce, ground beef, lettuce and tomato, bacon and pickles with pizza and you get a cheeseburger pizza combo. This can be taken to the extreme by sandwiching Colby cheese, Pepper Jack Cheese and meat patties between two cheese stuffed-crust pizzas!